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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

An Announcement

To the Readers:

This is to let you know that although I am not removing this blog from the internet (it will languish there till the end of time), my newer postings here are ceasing.

This blog is one of my older ones and almost from the start, posting multiple pages of comics, magazines, what have you, has been a major hassle. However, with blogspot improvements over time, postings are much easier and quicker. Therefore, my larger postings are going to be reserved for these newer blogs, which I hope you will visit. For your convenience, I am listing them here:

The Carnival of Weird (
Oddball Depot (
And Da Horse You Rode In On (
The Boy Does Not Play Well With Others (
The Fabulous Mrs. Poopenplatz (
The Wonderful World of Stupid (
And the newest one, Wacko University (

I have Facebook pages, too, for each of these blogs (except Wacko, which I will do this weekend), so if you go there and “like” the page, I believe you will see updates as I write about new postings. Each FB page is called what the blog is called.

You can also visit Saddletramp Swami, a blog I created in appreciation of all things Western, including the occasional Western comic. If this is something you think you’d enjoy, go to: (

Of my older blogs, The Splatting Nun ( is the most visited of them all, so it will be staying current as will Exorcist Repository ( when there are new updates and Mike’s House of Whacks ( I will be keeping up with Detective Magazine Heaven ( as well.

I can still receive mail at the address listed on this blog and will continue to sporadically monitor it. For faster response, though, you just might want to contact me at: Be sure and let me know which blog you’re asking about.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you’ve been entertained by what you’ve found here and will give the newer blogs a try when you get time.

All the Best,

Mike Madonna